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Our Trusted Partner: NETGEAR

Education depends on great connectivity, but it has to be simple to install, easy to manage, affordable, flexible, safe and most importantly, it has to ‘just work’. The good news is that the latest in wireless networking technology meets all those needs. Officevision, along with our trusted partner NETGEAR, have extensive experience working with the education industry to provide unbeatable wireless connectivity solutions.

Why Go Wireless With Officevision?

Click on each factor below to reveal how our services will save you time, money, and headaches – all while delivering the highest quality of wireless connectivity…

Support all the devices that students, staff and visitors bring on-campus, and give them secure separate networks. Overcome dead-spots with easy Wi-Fi expansion, all in one centralized, managed network.

Use wireless to deliver high-grade classroom tuition, support pop-up locations and remote students.

Support video and high-volume data storage: ideal for a better classroom experience, for downloading materials and uploading homework.

Use wireless to ensure protection right to the perimeter, without any compromise on quality.

Power-up devices when needed, power-down when not: great for LED lighting, surveillance, and Wi-Fi. Choose wireless access points with better capacity and reach: do more with less. Add PoE and even save on electrical installation and power consumption.

No longer any need to waste valuable time and effort managing networks and connected devices, even across multiple sites.

We offer a wide portfolio of Wi-Fi 6 Cloud Managed access points that provide you with next-level coverage and capacity, easy installation and management, and PoE capability for high-performance Wi-Fi.

Advanced guest Wi-Fi portal with easy login, analytics and access logs on connections. Students can log in through the portal and accesses are monitored easily through the Captive Portal analytics and NETGEAR Insight for setup logs.

Whether your school is all in one building or several across a campus, our powerful switches offer a range of cooper and fiber options, with reliable and flexible 1GB and 10BG (even up to 40GB, 50GB or 100GB for some models) to connect your networks at the best speeds for your needs. Smart switches with Power-over-Ethernet make it convenient to use and easy to control. With our NETGEAR ProAV switches, audio and video standards and protocols work seamlessly together to reduce network congestion.

Smart Pro switches are fully manageable centrally by NETGEAR Insight, our Cloud management solution, for ongoing visibility over your network, from anywhere.

The Process

Free Wi-Fi Site Survey

So, it sounds good right? Now it gets even better! To begin the process, we will offer you a free site survey, which would otherwise be worth up to £850. This is the opportunity for us to build a full picture of your requirements and begin designing the best solution.

Getting You Connected

Next up, with the help of our Wi-Fi specialists and engineers, our pro W-Fi design team will design and implement the perfect wireless connectivity strategy for your institution, covering every corner and leaving no stone unturned.

Lifetime Warranty

Finally, to top it all off, we will offer you lifetime warranty on a selection of networking products. You’ll only have to think about wireless connectivity once, and once its in place, it will look after itself!

See our selection of NETGEAR products currently on promotion below. For the full range of our switches & access points, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Sounds great, but what’s the next step?

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